Some stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5'10.5"
Current am weight: 193.6
Current BF: 14%

I've been bulking for about a year. I started at 173 and 10% bodyfat. So, in the last year I've gained about 11 pounds of muscle and 11 pounds of fat. I think I gained a lot of the fat at the beginning of the bulk. I really wanted to get my weight back up over 180, and was a little too aggressive adding calories back into my diet. Since the end of the summer I've gone slower and I think my BF% has been pretty constant.


I'm planning on continuing to add mass for about 5 more months, then trim off some bodyfat. It seems like I've been adding about a pound of muscle per month, so assuming I keep going at this pace, I think I'll be around 200, maybe just a little more.

Also, I'd like to get my arms up over 16 inches. I have very long arms, and they've always been pretty stubborn. But I've been hitting bis and tris directly twice per week, and indirectly once per week, and that seems to be working well. I've added about an inch in the past year, and they are up to 15.5"


Mon: Back/Triceps
Tue: Shoulders
Wed: Legs
Thurs: Chest/Biceps
Fri: Cardio
Sat: Arms
Sun: Cardio

I generally go to the gym around 6:30am. Sometimes I'll also add a half hour of light cardio in the evening during the week.

I'll post full measurements in the next couple days.