by Mike Scialabba
You're not doin' the same thing you did last week are you? Oh, one more set of squats this week, and 10 more sets of bicep curls? You must be makin' progress!

For a lot of trainees, our workouts can be about as entertaining as laying in bed watching Dr. Phil talk about the importance of abstinence. We stroll into the gym, hang up the sweater, lie down on the bench and move the empty bar around attempting to stretch and warm up. About 20 minutes later hit the hammer strength incline press and hold the scarecrow position half asleep as if the world has stopped spinning.

Is it possible that the routine has become a little stale and we know it? I would say so. It's okay, we all get comfortable sometimes in our approach to badassness, but you know as well as I do, we have got to get outside that comfort zone!

Here's a few ways you can wake it up!

1)Join your girlfriend for some Yoga.

If you don't have a girlfriend, this may be a good place to get one. Trust me, you'll be really uncomfortable with all aspects of this foreign type of exercise, but it will reap huge rewards!

Taking a Yoga class may well reap huge rewards!

2) Boycott all machines.

If you don't have a machine to make you do it it's way, you're just going to have to figure out how your body can do it on it's very own! Time to put the big boy pants on and learn how to move by yourself.

3) Powerlift.

You want the best gains of your life? Find yourself a solid power lifting routine that's suitable for your level of fitness, and execute the sucker like would your post workout shake!

4) Atkins it Up!

Spend 5 weeks on a straight up Atkins diet. You'll feel like crap in the weight room, but you'll look like a million bucks by the end of your 5 weeks. Why not? Lose some chub, do something you've never done, eat a boat load of protein, an amazing amount of vegatables and a solid amount of healthy oils and good fats. How is that bad? It's not. Do it.

5) Take an aerobics class

How is this cool? It's not. It'll simply remind you why you lift a lot of heavy weights, and keep you motivated enough to make good decisions with your programming so you can do it for a very long time.

There you have it, a few sweet ways to get really uncomfortable, and have it reap you some major physical benefits a long the way!


Mike is the Director and Owner of the Missoula Underground Strength Training Center located in Missoula, Montana. He’s an Expert Strength Coach and has been in the business for nearly a decade working with hundreds of individuals utilizing conventional and unconventional training methods. Be sure to check out his blog!


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