hi, im 18 years old, i weigh about 215, my height is 5'9. i am here to lose my weight goal of 60 pounds. im not sure how long that will take. i am hoping i can lose it by november or sometime around there. ok well, i am technically new to lifting because i did lift a lil earlier in hs, but i didn't really not anything, i am also new to the nutrition part, don't really have any experience to make it short :P.
i don't have an access to a gym, i only have two 15lb dumbbells, a 35lb curlbar with four 10lb plates. i am not a really active person, last active thing i did was baseball, but its over now, so im back to where i was. anyways i wanted help in getting in shape (i was always fat btw).
whats a good workout i could do at home to start out?
and i also need help with the nutrition part if possible.
oh yea as you can see my biggest problem is the chest, need to lose that