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I really WANT this early morning fasted training protocol to work. I train early in the morning and tried the 10g BCAA, but I always feel very low glycogen/weak and bonk during the workout. I never feel strong.

If I get ONE meal with some carbs/protein (even moderate in size), then I'm fine. I'd actually rather have an early dinner and move the entire eating window earlier in the day and avoid the whole fasted training thing (bcaa or not, makes no difference to me from a performance standpoint even if the MPS is elevated).

Just curious if anyone has experienced this with the BCAA/fasted training protocol.
Like, I said, I love IF as long as I get one good meal in me preworkout. So IF is not the issue. Just the fasted/BCAA training.
how does your workout look volume-wise ?

I can hack it when I keep volume low... like a HIT workout, but when I do some volume I'm done pretty fast... I'll have to do the important stuff in the first half hour or so.Than again I ran (jogged) 17.5 km the other day on just some BCAA's.