Yeah, IF is not for everyone.

For me it definitely gives me a psycholigical advantage when it comes to food. I love the feeling of being full and I can look forward to it in my eating window. Also, because I need to eat a lot of calories during that time, i find it easy to stick to my oats, sweet potato, lean meats, veggies etc. The fasting period also changes one's mindset about snacking, and I dont crave that constant snacking like I used to. FOr me, this method is simple and easy, and I find it much easier to calculate my calorie intake and macro's accurately. I prepare two meals for work, and have one large meal at home after gym. With an adition of 3 or 4 protein shakes.

Of course there are many health benefits associated with this kind of fasting, as well as positive hormonal implications that promote better body composition..

But each to there own, it's good to try new things until you find what works best for you and you can then pbjectively weigh up your options (for training and nutrition). For the better part of 6 years I followed an 8 meals a day plan; I also experiment with the Anabolic diet for 5 months, following it to the T (which gave great results, but even though it is not supposed to, it increased my cholestrol big time). And I also experimented with a low fat diet (which was the worst - just resulted in sore joints and constant hunger). So for me, IF is the one!