I am starting a new routine with some different styles i have thought of and will be keeping a journal. my goal is to be able to create a program that will work relatively well using minimal equipment (mostly free weights) and not having to stick to a radical regime such as eating 6 times which lets face it unless you are a lucky few most of us cant take an extra two breaks a day to eat full nutritious meals during work hours.

i will be working on this regime for the next few weeks and will hopefully be able to accurately document gains and appearances.

-lift every workday

-utilize all muscles i wish to build for a full body workout, the human body wont stop building one muscle because it is building another the main goal here is to train all my muscles to a point where i feel i gave it everything i had without hurting myself.

-i will be doing variations of lifts as well as the basics eg: shoulder press, bench press. dead lift, squat and dumbbell rows. these will mainly involve a larger lift area to maximize muscle use. ie: a shoulder press instead of just lifting the dumbbell from your shoulder straight up i will start it with a bicep curl and move it into a shoulder press from where it stops.

-i will be using an explosive lift and not a slow control lift with 50% of my max to start and build on that weight during workout and try and add more weight to what i start the workout with as often as i can.

mainly i will let my body tell me what needs to be done in the gym by focusing on how the muscle feels and not sets or reps because this way i will be able to do my maximum in the gym rather than saying "well theres my reps and sets done i'm outa here" without really having done a full workout.

My diet

- 3 meals a day at regular intervals.
-eat as much as i can stomach and eat as clean as i can which means i will minimize processed foods.

and i will be drinking water constantly during the day between 4-7 liters a day and seeing as the body is approximately 80% water it would be good to keep fluids up.