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Thread: Any new goals met???

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    Any new goals met???

    Today I hit a new goal of doing 70 pounds added to my body weight for dips for 5x5

    Anyone else hit a goal within the last few days?

    Im eating like an ANIMAL training like a hell raiser and hoping to be as big as possible...
    I just want the girls to say WOW!

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    Today was the first day I tossed on two plates a side for deads, so 3x225, big improvement from christmas which was only one plate a side

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    Not alot of weight but its a starting point:
    215 Dead Lift and 215 squat, both 4x. this is my body weight, was hoping to DL and Squat my BW but hoped the BW would be less, LOL.
    65# DB Flat bench this AM.

    I am doing MAX OT 12wk program. I am on wk 2. I started it 3/30 and did a few weeks and had a vacation and some other things come up so when I got back from vacation I decided I could get the 12wks done without alot of issues. I think the weights will continue to go up during this program.

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    todays my birthday and i set a goal of pulling 585....well see
    the grass could be greener, and itll always be greener on the other side, but you just never know....this could be the one

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    Quote Originally Posted by the one View Post
    todays my birthday and i set a goal of pulling 585....well see
    gl and happy birthday!

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