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Thread: cramps after workout

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    cramps after workout

    anyone experience after an intense workout you get muscle cramps and spasms?

    this happened to me, after a long workout where I was really trying to fry the muscles.
    later that evening I began having involuntary muscle spasms, twitching and cramps. Really strong spasms, this lasted for hours.
    post workout I had a protein shake, some BCAA tabs, and small piece of cinnamon roll (figured my body need a bit of sugar and carbs, or else i couln't fall asleep)

    my question: is that a general good indicator that I accomplished my goal to fry the body parts I was training?

    would restricitng carbs at that time force my metabolism to burn off body fat for energy?

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    Rugby Dad, spasms or twitches is actually a bad sign and I would hope no one is striving for this as a training goal. Spasms can occur when a muscle is overused and tired, particularly if it is overstretched or if it has been held in the same position for a prolonged period of time. In effect, the muscle cell runs out of energy and fluid and becomes hyperexcitable and develops a forceful contraction. This spasm may involve part of a muscle, the whole muscle, or even adjacent muscles. Overuse as a cause of skeletal muscle spasm is often seen in athletes who are doing strenuous exercise in a hot environment. This is also an occupational issue with construction workers, especially roofers. Usually, the spasms will occur in the large muscles that are being asked to do the work. It is commonly thought that dehydration and depletion of electrolytes will lead to muscle spasm and cramping. Muscle requires enough water, glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to allow the proteins within muscle cells to interact and develop an organized contraction. Abnormal supply of these elements can cause the muscle to become irritable and go into spasm.

    information obtained from: (wfs)
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    well i wasnt deliberately trying to cause cramping. Just wanted to really hit the muscles of the back, was doing lat pulldowns, dbell rows, cable rows, pull-ups, etc.
    so as a result it did lead to intense cramping, so i'm assuming the lats and surrounding muscles were indeed hit hard.

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    Were you properly hydrated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugby Dad View Post
    my question: is that a general good indicator that I accomplished my goal to fry the body parts I was training?
    In my humble opinion, everyone would be a lot better off using numbers (lbs, volume, intensity, density, etc.) as their gauge of accomplishment over "soreness" or fatigue. "Fatigue-seeking" is probably not going to get you where you want to be, unless you just want to be tired and sore... JMO.
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