Meet Results

2010 IPA Worlds, Raw(No Wraps), Elite Amateur Division (100% Drug tested Division).

This was my first raw meet with out knee wraps. Just a belt and wrist wraps per IPA rules. Not even knee sleeves. The meet had a buzz all morning about how tight the squat judging was the day before. First off I will say it was very strict. By strict I mean it was to the rule book. I will say it was a little refreshing to see such high standards at an IPA meet. Of course it sucks to get reds but thatís the sport. I will also say the judges were consistent all day and made everyone clearly break parallel for a good lift. And it wasnít the new convoluted Multi ply depth that has become the new accepted parallel. It was the ďTop of the thigh breaking the top of the knee true parallel (And donít get me wrong I have had my fair share of high squats passed LOL). Even the head judge was throwing reds for depth. That being said, after I realized how the judging was going to be I dropped my opener and adjusted my self to the dayís depth standard. It cost me some pounds but it cost everyone there a few pounds. As long as its fair and even (which it was) I didnít let it concern me. Luckily for me this was my first time with out wraps so what ever I did was a PR.

I started the day off with a 600 pound squat opener. I had initially thought 650 but after watching the first flight I knew it was best to open light and go deep. I thought I went deep but I was given 3 reds for depth. After that I jumped to 650 and got 2 whites for a good lift. I was relieved to be in the meet but at that moment I knew my goals of hitting 700 today was going to have to wait in order to hit a descent total. After 650 I decided 680 was a good choice. I sat down with it and came up well but was given reds by both side judges. 680 to me felt like a good lift but itís the judgeís call and all you can do is respect the call and move on.

Videos of my squats

600 No lift

650 2 Whites Good Lift

680 No lift for depth.

On the bench things went as planned. I opened with 450 for a good lift and then went to 480 for a 5 lb post injury PR. My shoulder felt great during this lift. The pauses were hefty but again it wasnít anything outside the ordinary. After discussing things with OOT we thought a shot at 500 might be doable. I could pick up some pounds I lost on the squat and be in good position total wise. We were wrong. 500 laid on my chest like a pile of bricks and it didnít move all but an inch. It did feel good to take a shot at 500 again.

450 Opener Good Lift

480 second attempt Good lift

The deadlift came to around 6 hours after I did my first squat. I was a little tired but still felt strong. Warms up went really well and after I pulled 585 for my last one I knew I would get a PR today. I opened with 700 and the dam nest thing happened. I never got a down command. I smoked the weight then stood there for about 7 seconds. After holding the bar I actually began to think the head judges pace maker quit and he might have kicked the bucket. I even though he was having a seizure and locked up. Iím not kidding either. 7 seconds is a long time with 700 in your hands and you can think about a lot of things. So in not typical fashion of myself I dropped the bar, shouted a few obscenities and left the platform. I was pissed but it was a no lift due to dropping the bar. My bicep was tingling and I wasnít about to tear it again so I let go. After that the heat was on and I called for 755. If I didnít get this I was out of the meet. I went down grabbed on and yanked that sucker for 3 whites. The best lift I have made to date in my career. For the first time I am closer to 800 then 700 in the deadlift. I must admit I almost got a little teary eyed. In a sport full of let downs this was a big step for me. That may not be hardcore but oh well, Deadlift PRs are special!

700 Opener No lift after dropping the bar out of self preservation

755 Deadlift Good Lift PR

So there you have it. A post injury bench PR and a deadlift PR. I totaled 1885 with just a belt on so Iím happy with the end result. I feel capable for more in the squat with out wraps but thatís what the next meet is for. After the meet Mark Chaillet threw a piss cup at me and said let me have it LOL. It sucks paying 85 bucks for a drug test though. Thatís almost a Keg of Coors. I donít mind though. It is nice to have official drug tested numbers under strict conditions. I do have one problem now though. I went with just a belt and it was very cool just slapping that belt on, hitting some ammonia then squatting. Looks like Ill be doing more meets like this. Donít get me wrong Ill throw the wraps on soon and try to squat something big. But it is nice to know Iím not afraid to take it all off and just lift.

I was running off Atlarge Stuff all Day. Before the meet I took 4 Nitor pills, A double shot of Results, and the secret formula. In between lifts I sipped on Nitrean and Opticen to keep hunger at bay. Having my bag full of supps made the day much smoother as Im never hungry at meets but I obviously still need the carbs and prtoein to stay in the meet.

Many Thanks to Chris and Daniel!