Hey guys my name is Parker and i have wanted to become a seal for about 8 months now. Before i started training i weighed 210 with 40% body fat now i weight 155 with 10% body fat. I can pull off about 10 pullups, 60 pushups, and 80 sit ups. I run a 6:50 mile and i used to run a 18:00 mile. Now i will tell you my weight lifting max Bench press 160 1x5 Squat 210 2x8 deadlift dont know bad form.

Now i am trying to get a ruitnee going so in 4 years i will be ready. I no most of you will think i am just a kid, and i will have plenty of time when i get older, but i want to get all my lifts, and pushups and pullups up by the time i enroll. Thank you.