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Thread: Morning Workouts

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    It's not so hard for me to get up in the morning and get my ass out of bed. I have been reading things about the benefits of lifting in the AM, and wanted to ask some questions about it.

    Number one, is it true that testosterone levels are the highest in the morning? Also, I pop an ECA before I go lift in the AM just to give me a little boost of energy. And, working out on an empty stomach. Would taking a protein shake with my ECA be a bad or a good idea in the morning before I go... or should I just go on ECA and water alone, save the protein and creatine for post lift?

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    First off .... "is Testo higher in the morning" ..... take a look down your pants before you get outta bed in a morning.

    I would stay away from ECA. You don't want to be depentant on it to train .... and after a while, like anything, your body will get used to it anyway.

    I would not train in the morning as energy levels are low. Try a little experiment and see for yourself. Train for a week in the mornings, then for a week in the afternoons and see which workouts were more productive. I think you'll answer the question yourself.
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    Haha, morning wood rocks.

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