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Thread: Deadlift and squat

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    Deadlift and squat


    I am lifting weights on a semi powerlifting aspect, so I have focused mainly on benching, squatting and deadlifting. Now it is time to cut some weight of and improve bodycomposition. While doing that I still would like to have my focus on powerlifting exercises.

    I'd like to test if HCT-12 could help me improve my body composition, but every HCT-12 routine seems to have calf and hip dominant movements on a same day. DL and squat are far too heavy movements for me to do them withing same workout so can I split it somehow? I would like to squat and deadlift every week but is it possible to use this program to have progress in both movements at the same time?

    Or should I be looking to another program?

    Your thoughts on this matter are appreciated!

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    You could do the 4-day routine (A-B-A-B), that has two lower body days. You could make one of them a squat focus and the other one a dead-lift focus.

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    I do just what OffRoad says. It's too much for me to tackle both as hard as I can. I'm still adding weight to the bar on both lifts so its working for me.

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    How much weight are you using for squat and deads?

    I'm squatting about 270 for reps and deading about 315 and I still have no problem doing both exercises back to back and on the same day twice a week. I did do rack deads one day just because my legs actually did feel toasted after a new PR on squats but so far I've been doing HCT for awhile now and have made a lot of PRs on squats and deads since starting it.

    Maybe just try it and give it a chance? Or I thought about doing A-B-A-B and doing Squat/Rack dead, then the next time do like front squat/deadlift. I figured I'd try squat/dead first and see how it was though, and It's been great so far so I haven't needed to change anything up

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