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Thread: Cutting on HCT-12

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    Cutting on HCT-12

    I did a bulking diet since January, and lost my abs along the way. But then HCT-12 went public, and I got really into it for the first month, and saw good performance gains.

    After that first deload week, I decided I wanted my abs back, so I began to cut calories 3 weeks ago, while maintaining this workout routine. Currently I'm consuming about 2,100 to 2,200 per day. It's worked.

    When I began the cut I was 17.5% BF using an Omron BF anylizer. I'm very careful about how I test, to keep consistent readings. Three weeks later, I've got the top third of my abs back, i'm seeing 16.0% BF consistently, and my bench has only dropped about 5 pounds.

    I know I should probably keep going with the cut, because 16% is not exactly stellar body comp, and 3 weeks probably doesn't constitute a legitimate "cut". It's SOooo tempting to get back on the bulking side because it's so rewarding to see numbers go up (and I like to eat). Anyway, strength is staying pretty solid for now, we'll see what the next few weeks bring. I'm an impatient 'cutter', I guess.

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