For some time now I've been dealing with off and on tension in my pecs. Not a huge deal, but definitely irritating at times.

They really just felt like they were always tight.

I tried ultrasound therapy, foam rolling them, using liniment pre workout, massage and stretching my pecs a ton. None of it really seemed to work completely, although all of it worked a little.

Finally picked up my Dizenzo Clubs (his version of the indian clubs) and forced myself to use them in between every group of athletes that came through my gym during the day on Thursday and Friday this week.

By today the pain and tension was completely gone. Shoulders feel great and the pecs feel solid.

So my theory is that my lack of shoulder mobility was causing added tension in my pecs, combined with the abuse I throw at my chest and shoulders from benching every week, they were really getting thrashed. Best thought I can come up with at least lol.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?