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Thread: Which deadlift suit?

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    Which deadlift suit?

    I've entered into the NOTLD deadlift meet in late October and have never used a deadlift suit before so I'll begin training in one right after USAPL Raw Nationals in 2 weeks. I really have no clue about selecting a deadlift suit so I was looking for some opinions on here. It must be a single ply suit and something that I can effectively learn to use in 8-10 weeks of training.

    I'm a pretty barrel chested build with a thick waste (not your typical body builder v-taper) and always lift sumo. I have considered the Metal King Sumo but have also heard very positive things about the Titan Velocity. The Inzer Fusion has also been recommended but I know even less about it.

    Also, should the suit be worn or cycled in when training speed days? I've recently implemented speed work (70-80%) into my training and have noticed a huge difference in this cycle. Just not sure how to use the suit in this endeavor.

    Any ideas are welcome. Thanks gents
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    I love the Titan Velocity, but I pull conventional and haven't tried the sumo version. I don't use my suit for speed work, but you could give it a try and see if you like the results. Good luck at your meets!
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    Do you get much carry over out of your fusion, ive not been able to find a suit myself where i get more than maybe 10-15 pounds carryover.

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    I love my Inzer Max DL suit.
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    I got an older Titan NXG single-ply deadlift suit in a clearance sale, and it's working well for me.

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    In my experience the Titan Velocity is good for conventional... Metal for sumo style. Get the velcro straps if your fed allows it!

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    If you have to use single ipf stuff get the trx not the fusion if you go inzer. metals suits are all good. get the v type and a centurian is a good suit for sumo too

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