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    tight wrap question

    Now i've always wrapped myself and wrapped what i felt was comfortable my whole career but I've never done it nor squatted around other competitive lifters in any setting that I can remember. They gave me a few of them being that I should squeeze my traps hard and THAT is what they mean by keeping my upper back tight. I was more focused on retracting my scapula and squeezing THEM hard instead of my traps.

    The other thing pointed out was how I wrapped. They said the fact that I could damn near do a full squat in knee wraps says i didn't wrap hard enough and that it would make a huge difference. Does it really make that big of a difference between being able to flex your leg in wraps and not? Am I not getting as much as I could out of the wraps?

    Also, how much of the last wrap do you cover with the next one? half way or just enough? I didn't know if you should see skin when you squat or not between the wraps?
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