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Thread: couple of questions

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    couple of questions

    figured i'd save a few threads..

    1) if i'm going on vacation for 10 days, how big of a deal is not taking creatine for those 10 days if i'm still going to be lifting? does anyone know if problems could arise from attempting to take creatine (powder form) aboard a plane?

    2) how does heavy plyometrics on off days from strength training sound? i lift every other day (3 days A, 4 days B, 3 days A), and i'd like to do plyometrics in between them, but i'm not sure if over training would occur.

    3) would it make sense that what weight you use for your 5RM would be the same % of your 1RM as for another exercise? for example, having your squat 5RM be the same % of your 1RM as your bench 5RM compared to its 1RM?
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    1) You'll be fine. Forget the creatine.

    2) I don't like plyometrics.

    3) They're probably fairly close for most people, but this is by no means necessarily true.

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    1) I have taken creatine on a plane and not had any problems

    2) I have no opinion on plyometrics

    3) It may no always be true. If you are asking b/c you are trying to gauge what your 1RM or 5RM is for a certain lift check out this spreadsheet.

    I put it together to track my 5/3/1 progress but it has a page that lets you calculate any RM. Only type in the green cells.
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    Personal experience!


    I stopped creatine for 2 days and believe it or not my weight went down............................... not alot but still very frustrating especially on squat day....


    Im eating like an ANIMAL training like a hell raiser and hoping to be as big as possible...
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