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    Herniated Disc

    I figured I'd start my own thread on this, if anyone wants to hi-jack and get some help, by all means do so since we are all about helping each other. I have an appointment with my chiro tomorrow to review the MRI video which was taken on tuesday of this week. So its the jury is out on how serious this actually is and I am unsure what will be prescribed and if i will need to see a PT or Ortho. This occurred about 2 or 3 weeks ago while doing some deadlift work at just about 95%. I would sincerely appreciate any and all advice. A quick look on what I have going on right now. I have limited ROM but I can comfortably tie my own shoes and do some controlled bodyweight movements with very little pain or discomfort. I have not done much in weighted movements since the discomfort came on and today I did: 4x15 unweighted good mornings w/ bar, 4x15 reverse hypers on the GHD machine, 4x15secs dead hang on the pull-up bar and 4x10 bird-dogs. Rolled out a little bit also and tried to do this weird "lay-the-foam-roller-against-the-spine-deal" and as soon as I felt discomfort I stopped and decided to put that one away for a few more days. Any advice, help, nutritional guidance. Im at 6 grams of Fish Oils right now as well as a pretty decent battery of Ibuprofen and Tylenol, switching each back and forth every 4 hours. Suggestions?

    - hulk
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