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Thread: Carb fix

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    Carb fix

    Hi all,

    I have been succesfully following a very low carb and sugar diet for approx 3 weeks which left me with more energy than I thought it would, however over the past two days I have had an unhealthy fixation with carbs and have done nothing but eat them, potatoes pasta etc etc. Normally with carb overload the next day I feel bloated and lathargic but today I feel fine with no bloating and last night was the best nights sleep I have had in ages.

    Has anyone else had any experiences like this. Is it normal to get carb cravings or is it just me giving in to weak will power?


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    It sounds like you stumbled on to carb cycling, which is something practiced by a lot of athletes. If you check the Diet & Nutrition articles on this site you can find a lot more info on it.

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    Thank you! Will do just that.

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    At the end of the day if you restrict yourself of something you like, there will always be the temptation to resume to old habits.

    Low carb for extended periods is TOUGH psycholologically, I am constantly craving all types of carb heavy foods. And to be fair, I only seem to be able to manage 6 or 7 days on low carb/doing cardio before I crack. Then I binge for a couple of days and get back on the plan which seems to keep me treading water... Right now I am happy with treading water, but when I get on my new fat loss phase, I will need to hold it together for longer if I want to be VERY lean.

    Carb cycling is good because it allows you to consume carbs on your workout days giving you the energy and freedom to have a solid post workout meal but also it means those low carb days (say 3-4) are easier because you know its only a few days till you can eat carbs again.

    Check out this article: Carb Rotation - An In-depth Guide to Personalizing Your Diet

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    Too much restriction of anything will just about almost always lead to a rebound. However it's tough to know if you're actually restricting too much or just getting mentally weak without really knowing your body.

    A much overlooked (and somewhat controversial supplement) that may help with this is chromium picolinate. I started taking for it's insulin improving properties not knowing that it helped with carb cravings. After just a couple days on it I noticed that effect however and upon reading up on some other peoples take on it realized it was a very common effect of the supplement. It's somewhat controversial as I'm sure you read if you run some searches on it. It's regarded as pretty safe at low dosages and for the very low price it costs to me it's worth it's weight in gold.
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