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Thread: My first national comp!

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    My first national comp!

    Competed at NASA grand nationals yesterday in houston for my first national comp! Alot of things went as planned and alot of them didn't. I went in with the hopes of a 1500lb total and came up short but wanted to leave it all on the platform and in hindsight, I accomplished so much more than the raw open finish that I came away with and a meet to remember.

    Weighed in at 196 on the dot. The first battle is over. Made 198's so let's get this started.

    squatting having never done a full meet this in itself was a first....wanted 491 leading up to it. HAd some issues in the squat during training but was hopeful.

    opended with 457. A squat I'd tripled in training leading up to the meet. Seemed like a good opener idea. Bombed....I tried to high bar and do some things that the big squatters in the local gym I train in told me to do. Needless to say it failed miserably and was nervous about it now.

    2nd attempt at 457. Did my THANG! Incorporated what I was told and placed the bar where I usually do and SMOKED it! 3 whites and I'm in the meet! FIRST BATTLE IS OVER!

    3rd attempt at 474! Career PR!!! Go into details later about this choice but was already behind the open leader and had to get some lbs on the total and make another solid attempt at a decent squat. This was 95% of my working max in training so I went with it. 2 whites! Just made depth and was happy with it for what it was. Leader hit 523 and I'm now 49lbs down in the total.


    325 opener and smoke show. Having never experienced the bench after cutting weight and recently seeing my bench plumet in training, this seemed like a smart opener to just get me started and in the meet. Leading up to it I wanted 380 in the meet..then as training progressed, 375, 370, then 364 based upon how training was going. I believe this is due to me never deloading and the weight cut and just not knowing how to train the bench right. Having tripled 370 a month out of the meet I was pretty leary but still confident.

    353 for my 2nd attempt and 2 whites. Career PR!!! Having cut weight and the pauses being longer than expected this seemed like a decent bench to give me some more solid lbs on my total and stay in the running and not have to worry about MISSING 364 twice.

    364 bombed..just felt way too heavy today. 2 for 3 in the bench and with the leader pressing 380 effortlessly I was now 76lbs behind in the total.

    NOW THE BAR HITS THE FLOOR AND THE MEET BEGINS! This is what I came here to do. DEADLIFT! No matter how ****ty I feel, what happened in training, where the stars are aligning,... WHATEVER.. I LIVE to deadlift. This is where I knew my best weapon would come in handy. I ALWAYS pull strong. With my total down 76lbs and first place projecting a meet PR of 540 I knew what I had to do. I came into this meet wanting to pull 639. Now Having pulled 625-635 consistently in training, I knew what I could do and felt I could do better! IT'S DEADLIFT TIME!!!

    opened at 545 and smoked it. It's a training speed rep but one that puts me in the deadlift lead with just an easy opener. 3 whites and was a joke.

    2nd attempt was at 634. I played the game. I came in wanting to pull 639 and knew at this point that the leader would attempt 540 for a second and his own personal best and that would put me in the lead and force him to go above and beyond. I'd never pulled anything over 635 and KNEW i could go it and still be ahead and didn't want to risk the maybe on 639. Smoked it. CAREER PR AND NEW RAW 198 WORLD RECORD!!! Had the crowd ELECTRIFIED and blasted it up! 3 whites!!! This made the current leader to pull 20lbs over his career best to keep the lead and put the pressure back on me. I have to hand it to him. He went out and did what he came to do and finished with 562. I planned for him to pull atleast 550 since I knew he wasn't a strong deadlifter and my 634 would cover that. Now it's down to me and my final attempt. I called for 645!!!

    EXPLODED off the floor and the bar kept going up. I pulled back so hard and fast that I started to fall backwards and hand to let it go...and the title with it. I just missed the lockout but it was either drop the bar or fall over. I gave it all I had and played the game. Missed the lift and the title by 4lbs. HAHA BUT THE BEST PART was the battle. I LOVED going head to head attempt for attempt in the end for the title and forcing each other to do that much more. Had I pulled 639 on my 2nd and in hindsight I could've, I'd have won it by 1lb but I went with an attempt that I knew I could do and would put the pressure on the competitor to bring it out with me. That's exactly what happened and it made me give 100% in the end and damn. I laughed and thanked the crowd and congratulated the winner. In the end it was the deadlifting that made the meet and not how i finished, the world record, or even the title. Putting on a great show for the crowd and putting it all on the line is what I came to do.

    Looking back on this I had an incredible time. It all started in january with a bad squat accident and injury leaving me unable to squat 135 or deadlift 135 without insane pain. It was at this point I decided to start my diet. My heaviest of all time was just after xmas in the mid 280's, I was hurt and wanted to diet anyway so this seemed like the best time since I couldn't train heavy and needed to start dropping. I can't thank my friends enough. Chris Mason and the atlarge nutrition team, lori steele, jen cowan, scott yard for training, martin and adamBAG with cutting for meets, and everyone else I've forgotten to mention that helped me along the way. In 6 months I cut 90lbs, came back from an injury to squat and deadlift career best and a world record deadlift, and came in at the best shape of my life. I came in at the meet at 196lbs and 10% bodyfat. I've got pics and videos of it all that i'll be posting soon! I cut weigh for a meet for the first time which wasn't as bad as it sounded and from start to finish went from the 275's to the 198's in 6 months. I also had never squatted over 455 successfully in the gym since the accident in january and hit 474 in the meet for an all time career pr. Never benched in this weight class and hit another one in the meet with the career best in the bench press. I pulled a career best and world record with 634 and from beginning to end, accomplished everything I wanted to do in preparation for a national championship. I made alot of friends and had tons of help along the way. I went into grand nationals wanting to leave it on the platform and the deadlift war in the end for the title made everything else, the cutting water, the dieting, the carb free bull**** days, etc. all worth every moment. I've got videos and pics I'll be posting of the meet soon. I lost the title that I felt would've been icing on this HUGE cake but I guess I still don't all the sugar I want in my diet HAHA!

    Thanks wannabebig...couldn't have done it without you.
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    Awesome work wicked, to drop weigh like that and come back stronger is a great accomplishment; very impressive showing!
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    Great story and a great job going to war on the platform!

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    Way to go for it. Congrats on a great meet.
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    Awesome performance brother! Those are some great #s!!!
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    Awesome Odyssey from beginning to end! Way to hang with it!
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    PR's at your first national meet. Well done and congratulations!

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    Congratulations & great write up!



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    the 2nd deadlift attempt and record setter..


    needless to say..i have one ugly deadlift
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    Great write up! Congratulations on your WR! (might be an ugly deadlift, but its a beautiful WR!)

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