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    This Is My Journal

    I'm back. The site has come a long way since I was last actively posting. The articles are outstanding! Hope some of my old friends are still around. It's been awhile, to say the least.

    Goal: Get big and strong.

    Before lifting meal: shake consisting of 2 cups of milk, 3-4 tbsp pb, 2 big scoops whey, creatine and 2 eggs. Then a few bites of cottage cheese.

    I've only been seriously lifting again for about a month. Haven't benched in 1 1/2 years until very recently. One of my best friends now lifts with me every session, trying to get some meat on his bones.

    Bodyweight is now 275 and I'm bigger and leaner than ever. I do miss my old Westside lifting days. Kind of a blow to the ego that when I was 19 and 235 I was way stronger than 22 and 275. Don't get a desk job and then get lazy, kids, don't do it.

    I am happily engaged to my beautiful fiance. She goes to the gym with us guys and does her thing, too. We both eat so much better than we used to and are on this journey together.

    First workout post to follow later on today.
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