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Thread: First taste of Nitrean

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    First taste of Nitrean

    Hey, just got my first order from ATL in today. Two things of strawberry Nitrean and a shake cup. Just wanted to say it tastes great. I was iffy about it, only ordered because of the $10 off sale. Not sure if you're shipping costs were lower than last time I looked or if I'm just tripping. Only paid 6.95 S&H for the order. Could have sworn it was more last time I priced it...

    I hated ON's strawberry. It tasted like care bear crap and was almost as clumpy. Some of ON's products mix better than others... anyway, had to mix it with chocolate ON because I couldn't take the taste of it. Nitrean tastes a hell of a lot better. Mixing with a spoon is apparently not gonna work, but I've heard the shake cup does a better job. Never used one before, just a spoon guy, but once I wash the cup I got from y'all I'll see if it helps. Clumps or no, though, it tastes 100x better.

    Unfortunately, (unfortunately?) I can get ON for about $50 cheaper if I did my math right ($68/10.3# shipped), otherwise I'd switch over to Nitrean. I'll just have to use Nitrean more sparingly and the other as my daily shakes because of the rate I go through the stuff (2 shakes, 4 scoops a day). But I'll likely be getting more as I need it.

    I don't guess AtLarge has any plans to start selling in bulk? Like 10lbs bags? If y'all could close that $50 gap some I'd be willing to pay more for Nitrean. I like the idea of a blend over whey-only protein. Unfortunately I'm willing but not able at this point, unless I get a pay raise some time soon.

    Anyway, good stuff, guys. Satisfied customer, will buy again.

    Oh, and I like the hand written "Thanks, Charles!" Nice touch.

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    Thanks for the order Rebel, we appreciate it!

    Optimum 100% Whey Protein is cheaper than Nitrean purely because it is a lower quality product - it's just a mix of whey as opposed to a proper blend like Nitrean which we feel makes Nitrean a superior product.

    If you buy 2 nitrea 4.6lbs you get each one for $48.95 and if you can get in on a sale too then you start to get pretty close and for a much better quality product.

    Oh and not to mention you support your favorite site when you do it

    You should be able to mix Nitrean with a spoon just fine, have you tried it?

    Thanks again for the order!

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    The first two shakes I did with a spoon, but they didn't mix so great. The rest I've done with the shake cup and they were fine. Could be I wasn't vigorous enough stirring. Also, may not have had enough liquid in the glass. I was at the end of my milk for the first one, and probably should have used more water for the second. In the shake cup I used about 20 oz for two scoops and it's good. I just eye it for the glass, but I guess Nitrean needs more liquid per scoop than I'm used to. The last couple shakes were fine, though.

    I'll have to keep an eye on the site for a sale. I may order some of that vanilla when I'm able.

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    I've had the same issue, it just doesn't mix all the way with a spoon and milk. Not a problem, I opt for the shaker cup.

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    A quick pointer: be sure to put the liquid in the glass first and then add the protein. It should mix easily. In fact, that is one of the hallmarks of Nitrean, ease of mixing.

    Next, what Daniel said, but did not really explain, is the the ingredients in Optimum's product are less expensive that those of Nitrean on the whole.

    If you want to solve the price concern, simply use half as much Nitrean as you would ON's product. You will still get equal or superior results and your pricing problem is more than solved.

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