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Thread: Replacing Milk with Yogurt.. Lactose Intolerant. Is too much yogurt bad?

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    Replacing Milk with Yogurt.. Lactose Intolerant. Is too much yogurt bad?

    I consume about 4 cups (32 fl oz) of milk every day (2 protein shakes). I am lactose intolerant (I can only handle small amounts of Lactose), so I have to use Lactaid Milk (Lactose removed milk). It is getting kind of pricey as Lactaid costs almost 3 times as much as regular 2% milk.

    I have a yogurt maker at home and it makes yogurt in less than 8 hours! If you're not aware, the bacteria uses Lactose in the milk as energy to make yogurt. So, in a way yogurt has little or no lactose and I am assuming that will take care of my Lactose Intolerance.

    I was wondering if instead of using 4 cups of lactaid milk every day, can I use 4 cups of yogurt? Simply, I won't be consuning milk anymore, but I will instead use yogurt.

    My first concern is if 4 cups of yogurt (32 fl oz per day) will put any stress on my digestive system compared to 4 cups of Lactaid milk. Second, I want to know if I am sacrificing any nutrition or vitamins? Is yogurt missing anything that the milk form offers?
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    You might want to look into getting the pills instead of Lactaid milk. It's more cost-effective.

    As for your questions, this page might help answer some of your inquiry:

    A more clinical citation can be found here:

    I too am mildly lactose-intolerant. I've tried various solutions, ranging from half-gallon Lactaid containers twice a week; Lactaid pills; using a shake of dry milk powder, Lactaid milk, and yogurt and consuming quantities of cottage cheese. These days I just drink milk and let the ivory throne deal with the rest.
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    I've tried the pills, but they don't do anything for me. Only thing that seem to work is Lactaid milk, but its getting pricey.

    Co-incidentally, I was looking at the same article (1st one) before your post. Looks like Yogurt is a great substitute for regular milk. I've decided to give it a shot for few months and see what happens..

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