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Thread: Pre and Post Work Out meals ???'s

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    Pre and Post Work Out meals ???'s

    Hey all,

    I am on a CKD diet right now and I am trying to get the most out of my WO's so I can keep or even gain some muscle. I take in maybe 125p/10c/80-90f without my WO meals.

    Now, my pre WO is Tuna with TB of mayo and 2 pieces of wheat bread and my post is 2 scoops of whey with a pack of sweettarts. I take 300mg of ALA with both and I do not leave Ketosis. My question is.....Does this look good for post and pre wo meals? I eat the pre 1-1 1/2 hours before WO and post right after.

    I also read somewhere that you do not count the post WO p/c with your daily values either. Is this true??

    With WO meals I get about 200p/100c/100f. The fat is part of the CKD thing and all of the carbs are pretty much timed around WO's. I want to know if this is OK. I just started this a week ago and haven't seen anything either way execpt that I do get a little bit better of a WO.

    Stats...5'10" 160 right now. Started at 180 about 2 months ago so I am showing progress with fat loss and I am getting stonger, but I feel like my gains have plateau'd a bit and wanted to get them going again with some carbs.

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    I've been told that fat and carbs don't mix. Even on a CKD -- so if you eat the carbs, keep the fat low. Your body wants one or the other for fuel - and if you are trying to benefit from insulin response, don't ingest so many fat grams. Just an idea, but keep WO carbs the same and lower fat considerably in each of the meals. Additionally - try moving the pre-workout meal up closer with higher GI carbs (which breakdown and work quicker).
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    raniali, I've been told the same thing. It turns out that this is an old myth that has somehow resurfaced. I've talked to several dietitians and they all agree that mixed meals can actually aid digestion. The thinking behind the myth was that carbs require alkalines to digest while fat/protein require acid. Acid and alkaline cancel each other out so you can understand why they thought this was bad. I'll have to look into it more to find out why consuming carbs, fat, and protein together can be synergistic.


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