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Thread: Those vibration plate things

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    Those vibration plate things


    I have access (if i want it) to one of those vibration plate things. You know the ones you stand on and get shook whilst concentrating on different parts of your body etc.

    Now I know this isn't gonna get me big, replace a good diet etc I just want to know what positive/negative effects it may have if I use it alongside weight training.

    I've tried searching google and the forum but no luck. any help appreciated,


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    Positives: Feels good man.
    Negatives: Doesn't do much else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kastro View Post
    Positives: Feels good man.
    Negatives: Doesn't do much else.
    I'm not sure if it even feels good.

    I think you're better off just getting a lazy boy that vibrates.

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    It all depends on which plate you use and who is administering your workout.
    Curves works fine for a segment of the population but I doubt it would satisfy the needs of most of the members of this forum.
    Kastro, if you are ever in my neck of the woods feel free to stop by but be sure to taper/rest before you get here.
    KaMz...same offer.
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