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Thread: Does this seem soild for cutting?

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    Does this seem soild for cutting?


    Age - 21
    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 205

    Current Intake

    Calories = 1,722
    Fat = 44g
    Carbs = 147g
    Protein = 152g

    So after calculating everything I eat this is what I come up with. This doesn't account for taking RESULTS on training days or sometimes I might sneak in an extra 200 calories + 20g's of protein on other days, but this is a pretty solid look into what I'm taking in daily. I work out with HCT three days a week and do about 40-50 minutes of cardio on the two rest days. Any input would be appreciated.
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    That seems low to me considering your weight, obviously body comp is a factor, but I still think this is too low for you. I'm cutting some weight currently and Im at 2600 cal on training days, 2200 non training days, weight is at 196 and losing. A fast and dirty way to set up your cals for cutting is multiplying your bw weight by 10-12 and adjust as needed. This has worked for me I'd also consider changing your macros alittle bit

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