Alright.. So I have been going pretty solid on my routine and noticed gains all around and strength and size except for one area... My chest.. Benchpress just sucks for my size. I think i am not genetically engineered to have a strong chest or something. haha. So you ask what i do for my chest?? Alright well I start off with benchpress. I warm up with 45s on each side (135 lbs). THen i progress to 225. I can do 8 reps of this. The next set is dramatically harder. I can barely get up 5 reps of the same weight! Then i try to do the same weight again and i can barely get up 4 reps. And i try once more and stuck at 4. Then i progress to the incline press with the barbell and its about the same story. First set might be ok. and then weight gets dramatically heavy for some reason. Then i usually do the Pec Fly machine. And then I move onto triceps as this is a Chest/Tris Day. Triceps are decent enough. But Im trying to figure out why this is with my chest. This has been happening for some time and im just stuck at this 225 weight. All other aspects of my lifting are doing well.. Squatting 410 and Deadlifting the same. 225 is almost embarrassing which isnt even easy. And my chest is flabby and just not built the same way as everything else.. What is happening???