I've been going to this gym, or as they like to call it "wellness and fitness center". Nonetheless, I go there because I can't go to my school weight room because it's summer. I go there 3/4 times a week depending on how tired I'm feeling after HCT-12. I'd say twice a week I see this wunder trainer named Laurie Caw doing exercises with her "elite athletes" that IMO anyways are pretty lame. Most of these kids have been with her for several years, none of them have gotten any larger or even faster or more flexible. They always complain about how hard she works them, yet they don't do anything super hard or intense.

Anyways, I have digressed. A kid I know named Alex is working with her, and threw out his back. Alex is a hockey player, and I suggested maybe doing some GHR's and/or good mornings to make his posterior chain a little less weak. After explaining to him what they were, he said she doesn't like doing exercises with a lot of weight because it stops them from being "fast and flexible". Sort of sounds like crap to me, but hey I'm just a teenager. So the question basically is, should I tell Alex that she's a garbage trainer, or am I being affected by the arrogance of youth?