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Ha..everything you just said describes the last 3 months of my life. It's wild how much your performance can change in everyday life. One example I use is that I can get an in-the-park homerun in my softball league (i'm not that good. they're just easy to get) where I sprint full-blast around the bases. I get back to the dugout and my breathing has barely increased..not much more than rotting up a flight of stairs. Meanwhile..any of my teammates does the same thing and they're bent over trying to get their breath back. I had no idea how much my overall strength/conditioning/physique could improve using crossfit. It's just...amazing.

We're on a busy road, too, so I often wonder what people think when they see me running with a stack of fire hose, or running 400m backwards, or doing burpee broad jumps as a team..lol
They probably don't think that much of it... unless at least 50% of the guys in the WOD are shirtless!

We have winter-time WODS (and this is in busted-ass cold mid-Atlantic region) where half the crew is shirtless (yours truly included) because it's hilarious watching people slamming down 20 oz. whipped cream lattes at the nearby cafe while we're out busting our humps doing 400s outside. Is it better for fitness? No. Camaraderie and community spirit? Most assuredly.

They haven't had us do any fire-hose running, though. That would be pretty sweet. Part of tomorrow's is sandbag cleans and tosses over a rack, so I'm pretty excited about that. We don't get enough chances to lift up oddly-shaped things at the gym.

Burpee broad jumps? I vomited just thinking about those. They seem so deceptively easy and something that a little kid would love doing... why is it that they make me want to die?