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    Hey guys, this is my first post, im 21 and have been working out seriously for about 7 years.. I am 5 foot ten, and weigh about 250 lbs.... i bench over 300lbs, and sqauat over 350lbs... I am very happy with the way my body looks, I have never touched anything more extreme than creatine, but have used ephedrine from time to time to cut up...

    basically my problem is that i have real bad water retention problems... I try to cut down on salt as much as i can and drink lots of water, but one bad chinese food meal can literally bloat me over 7 lbs... it is very frustrating as I retain water in my lower chest and lovehandles, and it totally makes me feel and look horrible... One of the main reasons I love hydroxycut, etc... is that it completely dries me out... I mean I can literally lose 5 lbs. of water when on the stairmaster for about 30 minutes.... i go from 257 to 252...

    do you guys have any ideas about any diet regimenes i can try... i dont need the ephedrine for fat loss, I am happy with my definition, etc.. but the water retention is not letting me enjoy any of it... thanks for your help!

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    perhaps allowing more salt in your diet would help. the whole water retention thing your body does is more of a reaction to CHANGES in sodium levels in your if you allowed yourself more salt on a regular basis, then when you have your chinese food meal you would not notice as much of an effect because the net difference in sodium level wouldn't be as great. or that's how i understand it...there are some here that probably have better advice but i believe that should work...
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    This is not really something to go on for the long run, but I know that dieretics like "taraxatone" help shedding water. More of a short term thing.


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