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Thread: A short squat video

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    A short squat video

    On Monday I took a video from the side of my last two sets of squats. The purpose was to try and see if I can tell a difference in speed and technique between the 2 sets while wearing different shoes (i'm having a hard time figuring out which to use). The first set is my pair of VS Athletics weightlifting shoes and the second is my Chuck Taylors. I thought this was going to be fun, but for some reason i'm not having fun, lol!!!

    Let me know what you guys think!!!!!

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    apples to oranges, shoes you are used to with a wider stance you are probably used to, compared to new shoes with a more narrow stance. It honestly just looked like you were more comfortable with it and used to how its supposed to go. Can't really tell much else from it imo.

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    nice squatting!! do you feel shoes make that much difference? Hell i squat in Nike's. Should i invest in some flat soled shoes before the GA meet? keep working, your a strong dude!!!
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    Look more comfortable and explosive in the second set. What other feedback are you looking for, if any?

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    Hard to gage, the close stance squats were deeper.

    I do feel overall a raw closer stance will aid you more in the long run, Especially with injury prevention.
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    Not for Speed

    Shoes should have nothing to do with speed unfortunately. However they do have alot to do with strength and technique. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I will give Westside the credit here on this as Louie has done all the research. Flat shoes will enable you to sit back and use more of the hips to squat. A heeled shoe will force you to use more quad. In the long run sitting back more and using more hip instead of quads will produce a bigger squat. Take the time to squat in your Chuck's and your numbers will go up. Doing alot of band work is the best way to improve speed on your squats.

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    Hey Brian! It appears you're deeper and even a little more upright narrow and with the weightlifting shoes. I suspect this is because you obviously have very dominant and developed quads. You were a little more forward in the chucks with the slightly wider stance. If you've not been squatting wider before your hams, adductors and glutes might need some time out wider to adapt. I think you might tell more with a vid of the different shoes with the same weight and the same stance. I think your depth being shallower on the second set was because of not being more upright and sat back (result of the glutes, ham, low back) than from the shoes. Really strong squats in both! My personal preference is chucks and wide (very wide!), but take your time getting out there if you go that route. Let those muscles develope slowly so you have no injuries!
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    What's the goal here? To find out which shoes you will use for a raw meet or a full multiply geared squat? From what I see I would stick with the weightlifting shoe if you plan on doing a raw meet or trying out single ply. If you are thinking of using them in multiply gear I would try this again with gear on. You appear to descend much slower in the Chuck's. The speed coming up is roughly the same to me. And you get depth better with the weightlifting shoe. To me it seems you have better balance in the weightlifting shoe.

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