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Thread: FItness Center in Jamaica

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    FItness Center in Jamaica

    I brought this up a almost a year ago, and am exploring it again as our move to Jamaica gets closer.

    When my family and I move to jam., for something to do other than look at the beach all day, I wanted to open a nice fitness center.

    I know there is Trim Spa, and a couple of small places, but the equipment is outdated and well worn. Has anything better opened up lately?

    I would like to open a nice gym - fitness center with new selectorized and free weight equipment, cardio machines and elliptical trainer.

    Any comments again are appreciated.

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    I seen what looked like a real old school gym in Negril. This was about a year and a half ago. I never got a chance to get in there but passed it a few times on the way from the cliffs to the beach. I wish I would've had a chance to check it out but sometimes you gotta do what your lady wants instead....

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