Well, I got my squat rack a few months ago, and have really enjoyed incorporating squatting into my leg routine of quad extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises. As of today, I've added an inch on my legs (26 inches now ~ which is good, but still a far cry from the 28 inch guns I used to walk around with back in the day)..... ahh memories.....

Regardless, I broke my leg machine in the process of regaining some of my old form, so my extensions and curls are on hold for now.

I have a pretty well equipped home gym, and was thinking of just doing more squats (currently doing 5 sets of 12), in lieu of the other two exercises, or maybe adding forward and reverse lunges.

Are there some other exercises that might be better?

All suggestions are appreciated. Suggestions that begin with something other than, "Join a gym" are really appreciated!

Thanks in advance.