I've been using Sheiko for the last few months. I got my bench from 107.5kg to 125kg.
For some reason I've stalled. So I thought now it's time to switch things up.
I notice Westside advocates working your weak points. My weak point is chest, I fail on the bottom of my presses. So I've added Dumbbell presses as I can't do flies.
BTW I lift RAW.
If you are wondering why i don't have squats, it's because at the moment I can't do them because of my back.
Just waiting on the chiropractor.

Monday ME: Bench 3x3 until failure. 4 singles with 95% of 1rm
Dumbbell bench 4x5
Tricep Push downs 4x8
Pull ups 5x5
Dumbbell rows 3x5

Thursday DE:
Speed bench 8x3 of 50% of 1rm
Dips 3x5
Tricep pushdowns 4x8
Pull ups 5x5
Dumbbell rows 3x5

Is this any good? Also after how many weeks do I increase the weight?