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Thread: USAPL NJ State PL Championships

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    USAPL NJ State PL Championships

    NJ State Powerlifting Championships 7/31/10

    I will update finish when results are posted. I had a great day. It was long and I was in pain by the time deadlifting came around. I had PR's in squat and dead, this time confirmed by high level judges : ). I competed RAW with a lot of other(read "big") guys @ 148. I weighed 140, I cut for the wilkes but I don't think it really helped me out. My friend accidentally competed in Collegiate instead of RAW, but no one has ever done that division so now he has all the state records with a 1001lb total. < That's what I am chasing for next year. Feel free to give advice of form(2 Things: I didn't know heels have to be down on bench and I have trained on my toes and felt really good-clean 230lb 1 week ago-so it felt weird for me. And I realize my sumo DL is sloppy but I don't feel pain YET and it seems to work comfortably so far. Tips besides push feet through floor lol are welcomed as always though) I tried to rep for AtLargeNutrition as best I could. Here are the vids(switch to HD):

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