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Thread: 750 raw Camber bar squat

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    750 raw Camber bar squat

    Best Raw Squatter and Sponsored by the Best AtLarge Nutrition, Titan, and APT.

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    Big Rob!

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    Squat briefs only 625 @ 210
    Bench geared 525 @ 210
    Deadlift geared 650 @ 220

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    The freakiest squatter going big again!

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    That was a filmed in my gym this last saturday by my wife. Just to give you all a reference to Robert's stature, I'm the "little" 335 lb guy behind him back spotting. Not that he needed me there for that set either. Also as I understood him, this was also the first time he'd used a 14 inch cambered bar like that one.

    This was the first of what I hope to be many times to come with the group of us training together.

    To put it in the words of my kid brother right before he lit the match.. " Watch this, we gonna have some fun now.... "
    Finally ELITE @ SHW..

    Single ply: 931 squat, 760 bench, 530 deadlift and 2180 total
    Multi ply: 960 squat, 770 bench, 550 deadlift and 2250 total.

    The next stop: PRO total.

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