We have a full set of powerlifting equipment available for sale that is very good quality and in great condition. This an initial notice to inform interested parties.

The competition equipment consists of a competition (Traditional) Irondawg Power monolift that is heavy duty, easy to use, very stable with heavy weight, height adjustment is hydraulic and can bet set to a narrow or wide bar release. We also have competition (Forza) hydraulic squat stands that are heavy duty and can be adjusted to a narrow or wide bar grip. The competition weight bench (Forza) is heavy duty, has a step in back for lift offs, and has adjustments for bar height. The deadlift bar jack is made by Forza and has also proven to be heavy duty. The equipment is very solid and can be broken down into pieces for movement or storage.

We have a set of Ivanko competition/calibrated Powerlifting/Olympic weights (colored) from 1/4kg to 50kg, with extra 20kg (blue) plates. The competition lifting bars include an Oakie squat bar, Texas Power bar, and Oakie deadlift bar.

The display has lights for white/red signals, a timer for lifter to get set up, lights to display weight attempt, buzzer and it is self standing.

We also have heavy duty warm up equipment (squat stands, benches, weights), plywood, mats, straight lifting bars, collars, tarps for the floor, tables and projectors for set up, calibrated scale to measure lifter weight, floor weight stands and weight trees, and more.

I will have a more detailed list soon including pictures. All equipment is great quality and condition, painted red to match, warm up weights are all painted black and everything is in great working order. The equipment has always been kept in a garage atmosphere and maintained.

At this time we are creating the detailed list, taking pictures and estimating a fair selling price. We are posting at this time to provide initial information about the equipment.

Please feel free to ask questions and I will have more information soon. The equipment is located in Leander, Texas. There is a lot of it and it is heavy. It would need a freight company to transport out of state, unless you wanted to rent a large rental truck.

The equipment belongs to the Texas USPF and Texas Powerlifting Federation. There are no liens and I will provide pictures and a full list soon. At this time, we would like to sell the equipment together as a meet set of equipment. If you would like to respond (by email) with your interests for separate pieces, I will make a list. If the pieces will sell better separately, I will contact you at a later date after we have exhausted the option to sell them together.

This equipment sell is legitimate and a straight up sale, and I am glad to coordinate the transaction. I will post with my name and email. I will answer any questions or concerns.

I have a dedicated email for this sale. If you have already emailed me, it has been forwarded to fnjww8@yahoo.com . I apologize for any confusion.

Thank you,
Jeremy Woodard