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    So here I am again. Back at it finally. It's been almost five months since I've done anything. Lost about 20 lbs and sitting at 141. Back in March I had a life changing experience. My wife left me and I lost almost everything I worked so hard to build. My wife meant everything to me and I loved her very much. She did not feel the same and I found my love unrequited. I tried for three months to hold on to her as she broke my heart into pieces with things she did. Sometimes life doesn't have a happy ending. But that's life right? I was out on my deck of my new apartment in June, no more house, no more happy marriage, no more gym, no more dog, no more strength, no motivation and the body I worked to achieve was wasting away. The family we were trying to start was over before it began. I almost lost my job and I was lonely as ****ing hell and seriously contemplating leaving this world. It was then I realized I was still a happy man at my core. Nothing will ever be the same for me but I realized one thing. Powerlifting is more than an outlet for me. It defines me and it is my fuel. I found it for myself and made this niche in my life. I love it and will continue to love it until I die or my body doesn't work anymore. Things came around for me and through a lot of work I have overcome many emotional obstacles. I have a long way to go still but I can see my future again. My motivation has returned. My fire is burning again. It's just me now and that's just fine. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. ****in' A Right.

    I rebuilt my gym in my single car apartment garage. You see, I sold everything to try and save my marriage. I thought it was a solution to an unsolvable problem. A lesson I had to learn. Rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up. Just finishing up a few small things this week. I'll have photos of the new place up this week. It came out great and I can't wait to SFW in there.

    I have some goals in mind. I will keep them to myself but my journey begins soon. Looking forward to training and logging in here again. I feel I'm finally ready to step back onto the platform. Going to take it slow until I can get some strength back and get my diet in check. I still have my foundation, so this is going to be interesting I think. My main goal is to recreate myself and rise from the ashes I crumbled into. Life is just ****ing strange and sometimes you have to live your worst nightmare and overcome your greatest fears to learn the most valuable lessons. Looking forward to training along side my brothers in iron on these forums again.
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