I've been on about a 32 year bulk and have finally decided to start cutting

I just have a question about protein shakes/supps, when it comes to losing weight.

Now, I know I should have a lot more control over my calorie intake, but, even though I've somehow managed to get my ass to the gym on a regular basis (and even do a fair amount of cardio, which I friggin' HATE), I cannot for the life of me seem to break my addiction to fast food and/or just eating too damn much.

I was just wondering, though, since a protein shake is kind of like a kick in the balls (since you get a ****load of calories w/out the enjoyment that comes with, say, eating a greasy double cheeseburger), is it really worth those extra calories -- the sum daily total of which is always so difficult to keep in check?

Would I be better off just dropping them for now....or is it really something I just need, and which will do me more good, even at the cost of possibly running over on calories?

(if it makes any difference, I'm 5'10", 215lbs, and prob 20-25% bf. Also, I do train pretty hard w/weights 5 days/wk).