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Thread: Unorthodox Lifts

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    Unorthodox Lifts

    Sometimes I like to throw in some unorthodox accessory lifts after I hit my core lifts for the work out.

    Here are a couple I've tried recently that I think are pretty fun and a great way to add some spice to your work out...

    Waiter's Walk: Snatch or clean and press a dumbbell to overhead lock out. Walk a specified distance, lower dumbbell and repeat with other arm.

    This is a great exercise to improve balance, shoulder girdle stability , tricep lock out strength, mid section strength/stability and overall coordination.

    Ice Cream Maker: Pull up so your neck is above the bar. Tighten up your whole body, especially your midsection. Lower your body, while contracting your core so your body + arms make an L shape. I believe the correct term would be to do a Lever.

    Repeat motion for 3-8 reps.

    Muscle Up
    : Pull up with as much acceleration as possible, slightly flexing your hips/knees, to help drive your whole body above the bar. You may have to dip up to get lock out

    One armed DB Clean + Jerk
    Get a heavyish dumbbell and clean it to you shoulder, using a slight hop, jerk it to the over head lock out position.

    What novel or unorthodox lifts do you guys do to spice up your work outs?
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    Cool list...

    Here's a few that I've done before:

    Farmers Walk - Pick up two heavy dumbbells. Carry for distance.

    Tombstone carry - I have a 100+ lb tombstone that I used for work. Pick it up and carry for distance.

    Sandbag Clean and Press - 150 lb sandbag for reps.

    Overhead Box Squats - I really like this one. Hold a barbell at full press, do box squats for reps. Really works the whole body.

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    We have a DOT stockpile of 47-B sand & gravel that's about two stories high. It's out in the country, so no fences or security or the like. Sometimes I'll take the boys there because they love to play on the giant pile of gravel. I'll grab one of them and carry them up the pile. Your feet sink in above your ankles, and the gravel absorbs all of your energy, so you get REAL winded by the time you're at the top.
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    Pistol squats and turkish get-ups. Dont do them often though.

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