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Thread: Eggs all at once or spread out?

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    Eggs all at once or spread out?

    My trainer wants me to eat 7 egg whites and 1 whole egg along with 3/4 cup oatmeal fo breakfast. Problem is, I'm not used to eating breakfast period, so this is a ton of food for me. I've been getting the oatmeal down ok, but I'm bringing the 8 hard boiled eggs to work and eating one about evey 20 minutes or so. So after eating the oatmeal my "breakfast" takes almost 3 hours and I finish just in time for my mid morning protien shake. I tried the 8 eggs at once and I felt like my stomach was gonna explode.

    Does spreading the eggs out like this matter as long as I get them all down or is there some reason they need to all be eaten at once?

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    If that's what you need to get them down I don't see a problem with it, I can't eat that many eggs in one sitting due to the fact that I would just have them come back up. Or replace the eggs with foods you find easier to get down but contain the same or similar micronutrients.

    When I first started eating breakfast on a regular basis I only ate foods that were easy to eat and digest and worked my way up. For example a bowl of steel cut oats and protein shake.

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    Once you do it for awhile you'll get used to it. I used to think 1 cup of oatmeal was insanely large, but now I get it down in about 2 minutes flat. I recommend going out and getting some sugar free oatmeal packets (or low sugar) which is probably about a 1/2 cups worth or a little less. Add the plain oats to it to get the 3/4 cup. Its sooooo much easier to eat it because it tastes so damn good!

    As far as the eggs go, you could do something like 1 scoop protein and mix in 2 whites and a whole egg with water and a little skim milk if you had to for taste. I mix egg whites into shakes and it tastes great. Once you get used to the amounts and you're not so full, start cooking them.

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    Eating gets easier the more you do it. I used to be the same way, but now I have to constantly cut myself off from eating more. Now I can eat 4 eggs, hash browns, two pancakes, toast, bacon and ham for breakfast, then I can turn around and eat a triple combination plate at Panda Express for lunch. Dang, now I'm hungry...

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    People that don't eat breakfast have a hard time eating breakfast. Keep this up for a few weeks and it will get easier. Also as you get bigger and lift heavier this amount of food will seem much smaller.

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