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Thread: Joint discomfort after beginning weight training program

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    Joint discomfort after beginning weight training program

    Hello all,

    As a generally sedentary person, at the age of 29 I decided it was time for a change and time to get in shape. I began a weight training regimen I found on the internet which seemed fairly standard. After four months or so, by April of this year, I noticed some unpleasant symptoms. My right shoulder would pop as a result of doing the bench press. My left heel gave me some pain when running on the treadmill.

    This triggered me to end my workouts, but I started noticing more issues. My right shoulder at times gives me an unpleasant feeling when I move it a certain way, open a heavy door or pull up a window. My heel pain got more pronounced, and is of course plantar fasciitis which I haven't treated further than shoe inserts (this is due to hitting the treadmill track repeatedly with a pronating foot). My right ankle also gives me discomfort on some steps when walking once in a while, due to my use of the calf raise machine. Furthermore, my knees aren't what they used to be, since I very much feel the joints when I crouch or when I walk up stairs. I also feel more shaky when engaging them. This is due to my use of the leg press machine -- my doctor says it may be "some meniscus shredding." They even feel warm and tingly somtimes when sitting.

    There is also popping (crepitus) in all these joints which I never noticed before.

    I had meant to get to the gym to improve my body, not to turn myself to a premature arthritic. Maybe I wasn't using proper form in my lifting or maybe I was trying to do too much, too soon for a previously sedentary person, but now I am here at this stage.

    Is there any treatment for the joints that might give good results for my particular situation?

    My doctor suggests a short-term high-dose regimen of Ibuprofen of 800mg three times a day for two weeks to reduce inflammation. He insists that it shouldn't cause problems in the short term, but after reading this articleI wonder if there is actually a potential benefit that can be still had after this period of time, making it worth incurring the stomach bleeding risk.

    He also suggests continuing to "stay active" to keep the supporting muscles of those joints strong -- but maybe with a less vigorous workout. That to me is a bit vague, and I wonder if that would include weight lifting with low amount of weight? And in that case could physical therapy be beneficial? I've already refrained from exercise for about four months and it hasn't helped.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    i dont have much advice but i have many similar issues and im only 20 years old. i think i went too hard the past few months. so i decided to take two weeks off from lifting and start back real easy. also been doing alot of stretching in my time off. ill let you know how things go

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