Nope. Waste 'o money. I was megadosing it taking in 3-4g actual cla twice per day. Meaning about 10 caps a day (expensive quick over time). I took it from transitioning through bulking and into cutting. I didn't drop it until I think june when I simply didn't have the fat allotment in my macros to make any of it work. It was definetly a big waste of money over that time but I'm glad I was able to personally verify this over a serious run of it rather than just go off of other peoples word.

I've also used sesamin. Actually I'm using it right now too because it came free with the last order I placed. My first run of it in cutting (2g a day) I had all the signed of decreasing test and actually had no clue this was commonly reported with it until later and I dropped it and it felt better. Since I had the rest of that around and my new free bottle I've been using it again for the last 3 weeks or so with less worry of these effects since I'm not on a severe diet anymore. I can't vouch for any positive with this supp nor have I experienced any negatives like I did when using it when dieting. I'm definetly not going to buy this one again. I would reccomend neither of these two personally.

For the price though, I would reccommend chromium picolinate and green tea/hoodia mix I take from walmart.