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    If you look at my workouts above you'll see I have HORRIBLE high rep endurance. I may get 15 reps on my first workset and only eek out 9 the next, then 6, unless I wait 10 minutes. The set of workouts prior to those were actually much worse, but I upped the bcaa and added 30g gatorade in my gallon mix for the gym and it actually made a difference. What I wasn't prepared for was the 0 doms... I could literally train chest again today and trained it yesterday. Is this the BCAAs? It's me being more adapted to this style now for the most part but I do think the bcaas are definetly a big factor.

    Yes, very exp.

    Edit - I should note that a lot of the reason for my dropoff is I do always train to failure and/or past with rest pauses... so even those reps are high, it's still pretty taxing (with the exclusions of the rack pulls, leg workouts right now, and shoulder warmup rotations)
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