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Threw in some one legged presses today (inspiration from Ryan). Good ****. I did them years ago but never took to them for whatever reason. Didn't seem to bother my back (like squats can), less discomfort on my knees (squats and lunges), and didn't bother my ribs (two legged presses). Was able to get great depth and definetly a great workout for hams and glutes not just quads. I actually hit muscular failure completely to my suprise on a set of only 300lbs. I was pretty pre-fatigued but mental battle of pushing for more reps hadn't even begon yet. Next thing I know 50% through a rep I lost all power and it started coming back down on me as my leg gave out and other one flew in out of nowhere to save me before the catches did lol. I might hit these first next day.

Nicccce. I'm a fan of high rep leg presses. Let us know how growth in the legs go.