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Thread: ZRV-Pro Wrist Wraps

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    ZRV-Pro Wrist Wraps

    Hi Guys

    New to the forum,

    I train just to be fit, I dont compete or drink lots of protein shakes and take creatine

    I am Brian

    200 lbs 5'9

    Max Bench press is 270 lbs.

    I ordered APT ZRV - Pro 36" Wrist Wraps bec I need support for my wrist during 100 lbs Bar bicep curls, and to support my wrist during bench presses, dumbells and other workouts,

    1) Will the ZRV-Pro 36" fit my needs, or can I just get the Convict Pros for the Ultimate MAX support ? Dont want to injure my wrist in any way or form

    2) Will the Max support provided by Convict Pros (cast like) not strengthen the wrist compared to less cast like support wrist wraps

    3) Is the Convict Pro Uncomfortable in Everyday Use

    4) ZRV-Pro 36" vs Convict Pro 24"

    Sorry if I overcomplicate things

    Just Curious about these Wrist Wraps and looking for the opinions of the people who used them,

    Thanks for the replies

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    For what you will be using them for I would recommend 12" wrist wraps, they will be much easier to work with and will provide you with plenty of support.

    The ZRV Pro's are comfortable and durable, but if you prefer more of a stiff support then you can go with the Convicts. I own both and am very pleased with both the ZRV and Convicts.
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    I personally like the stiffer wraps, if you feel you dont need as much you can just wrap them looser.
    I had the ZRV pros, and they were not stiff enough for me.
    and as Tom said, the short wraps are so much easier to use. I have a set of 12's for training and I use the 36" for competition or my heaviest bench sets!/pages/The...32666473422227
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    Convict 24" based on your needs. I use them for benches up to 405 before I switch to 36"

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    I'm with Tom, 12" is plenty.

    Get stronger wrists as well

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