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Thread: *Note about "CRITIQUE MY ROUTINE" threads*

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    *Note about "CRITIQUE MY ROUTINE" threads*

    Hey guys, we've been getting a ton of these types of threads in the last couple of days. Here are a few guidelines if you are new to lifting

    - Have you read the pre written programs already published here? (look at the top of the page)
    - If you are new to lifting and just made this program up on your own, you're more than likely going to get referred to the pre written programs

    They are honestly excellent programs that have been proven over and over again.

    - Read the articles we publish! They often answer some of your questions in a very detailed manner

    Feel free to ask specific questions about the ones we've published here or other programs (GVT, DogCrapp etc) there are a TON of them out there.

    But if you made it yourself, and you have to ask, it's probably no good.
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