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Thread: Post to tom muttafis.

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    Post to tom muttafis.

    Im 5’6 weight 125 looking to gain and increase as much muscle and strength? Can bench press about 120. Have no spotter. Bench press Equipment I have bench press you adjust up 3 times after in a standard flat position which one is incline? Should I move it up then down after how many sets? The bench press bar is 5 ft. long have two 25 and 10lb. Weights’ A 7ft long Olympic bar has 40lbs on it and two 10 and 5 lb weights’ for it. A leg raiser for abs. Currently have the maximus stack if I’m right was told to consume 3,800 calories a day. Say Monday up before 10 a.m. for breakfast have well not too much to where it would be uncomfortable to workout, some milk and protein all vitamins such as multi, fish oil, microlactin, and results along with an opticen post workout. About an hour later a meal the rest of the day have snacks, protein/fruit vegetable shakes, and meals. Fluids before, during, and after workout and through out the rest of the day? Also was told to workout 4 times a week working upper body Monday then lower the next day like a pattern. So Monday warm up then bench press 3 sets of 5, 2 sets of pushups as much as I can with legs on bench/chair for both sets, Chin ups? Resting 1-2 minutes the most. Warm ups? Now where should I start?

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    This would be a better PM, not really a post topic per se.

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