Hello All,

How much assistance should I expect from a squat or deadlift suit? Or are wraps sufficient and do I need a belt?
I am pretty new to powerlifting and most of the gear leaves me a little confused, I just ordered an Inzer Bench Shirt and while on the site I was looking at Squat and DL Suits, but I am a little confused as to the benefits of training/using them or if they would even be useful for me at this point.
As a starting point I squat and deadlift somewhere in the 500 lb range, and I bench without a shirt using 385 for between 6-8, but I have not tried a 1 RM max in years (for fear of the results). I have always trained with good form (squats below parallel, pause on the bench) in the 6-8 rep range but I have noticed that almost all the powerlifting protocols call for a reduced rep range and a wide variety of explosive assistance work, subsequently I am a bit lost as to whether I should work up to using gear or whether I should just get acclimated to it now.
My goal is to somehow get a 2000 LB total in the next 24 months through any combination of numbers, I am in my 40's so I get to lift as a Master and I will be lifting in either the 275 or 308 class depending on how much my body grows or shrinks from the training.
Sorry for the long winded post, I appreciate any help you can give me.