by Allen Cress

Whenever most hear the word Diet the automatically think how awful its going to be because all they think they can eat is plain chicken, bland egg whites, or dry potatoes. This just isnt the case and its unfortunate because it will drive most people away from eating healthy and achieving the physique they always wanted.

The whole healthy food tastes bad is a myth and an excuse not to stick to a diet. Everyday there are people who are eating healthy foods to get leaner, bigger, stronger, and improve performance and they do so by eating foods they actually enjoy. If something tastes good you are more than likely to stick with it and enjoy the entire process.

Believe me Ive been there. Ive eaten all that terrible bland food, but there came a time when enough was enough. So I decided to start playing around with different mixtures, spices, seasonings, condiments, etc that were all cosmetically friendly as well as fuel to the fire to keep performance high. So now Im going to give you a few of my favorite recipes that will not only taste great but help you achieve that lean athletic physique so many of us are striving to achieve.

Depending on your current diet you may need to adjust the amounts accordingly.

The All-in-One Pancake


3 Large Shredded Wheat biscuits
2 cups of Liquid Egg whites
Ground Cinnamon
Walden Farms Calorie free syrup

Cooking Instructions:

Crumble up the shredded wheat biscuits into a mixing bowl
Pour in the liquid egg whites and mix together and let stand for 5 min
Lightly Spray a 6-8 inch skillet with olive oil and pre-heat on medium
Pour a thin layer of the mixture into the skillet and let it cook for 2-3 minutes or until it starts to solidify on top or you start seeing bubbles.
Flip the pancake and let it cook for about 30-45 seconds on the other side.

(Macro breakdown: Protein 50grams, Carbs 55grams, Fat 2 grams)

After they are done sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top and then pour the desired amount of Walden Farms calorie free syrup on top!

Note: You can also pre mix the ingredients and cover them while letting them sit in the refrigerator overnight so its ready to go in the morning.

Baked Fries


2-3 medium red or gold potatoes
Season All
Ms. Dash Garlic & herb seasoning

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
Wash and dry the potatoes
Slice the potatoes into to 3/8 inch pieces
Lightly spray a cookie or baking sheet with olive oil (if you hate washing dishes as much as I do cover the sheet with aluminum foil)
Place the potato slices on the sheet and season with the Season All and Ms. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning.
Bake for approximately 25-30 min depending on the oven and thickness. Then flip and cook an extra 5 minutes. The longer you cook them the crispier they are.

Once they are done dip them in Ketchup and you have some healthy physique friendly fries!

These are just a couple of recipes I use consistently during the off season as well as my contest prep to increase muscle mass or get shredded to the bone. Hope you enjoy!!


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